Our Vision

In 1996, at the dawning of the Internet, we had the clear vision that the Internet would be extensively used for industrial purpose in the near future.  

Internet at that time, compared with the defense market in which the founder had been engaged, was sill technically immature, but less regulated and wrapped in a free atmosphere of the private sector. While the defense market was deemed as the crystallization of the state-of-the-art technologies, a number of advanced technologies were also coming out from the private sector at that time. Putting together this trend and the atmosphere surrounding the Internet, I came up with a vision that the Internet market will grow rapidly and extensively in a free atmosphere at the outset, and then shift to the industrial use as its regulations go into effect later.  

Therefore, effectively growing together "the fatality energy" such as the movement of expanding Internet as infrastructure and "the motional energy" such as the effective use of it without force, we have aimed to define and create and pioneer entirely new business field never seen before.  

Many enterprises have foreseen the threat to the network security associated with the potential business opportunities in network communications, and constructed a firewall against it. In order to untie the person in charge of the enterprise network infrastructure from such a threat, and to improve the essential worth of the digital asset, we have intended to develop the world's leading-edge technology of our own to defend against the inherent risks the open network communications would face with through the effective use of the existing infrastructure (Internet). At the same time, we have been pursuing improvement in the efficiency of the inter-company business communications and digital workflow, and in the quality of our own by working on and tracking record in the various business fields.  

The e-Parcel as our core service has realized a streaming workflow, low-cost services, and reduction of the IT section workload and equipment cost. It has been adopted in various B2B applications for productivity enhancement. A large number of global companies and governmental group have integrated e-Parcel into their business for the secure digital delivery of large- volume data and confidential data.  

The e-Parcel Corporation will continuously work hard to assist the infrastructure of digital communication as the backbone of enterprise and take a part of the improvement and the intensification of global competitiveness for various enterprises increasingly internationalized and multinationalized.


Joji Kitano


 e-Parcel Corporation