e-Parcel Corporation is firstly thinking to give priority
to the right for customer's privacy
and to safety for the customer's data.
e-Parcel Corporation has established specific policies on handling personal information as stated below, and thus will make every effort to protect personal information. Therefore, we will appreciate your understanding the e-Parcel online privacy policy.
Acquisition of Personal Information
A customer can usually access to the e-Parcel web site
(URL: providing e-Parcel Corporation with personal information.

Whenever e-Parcel Corporation needs a customer to provide e-Parcel Corporation with information which the individual person can be identified (name, e-mail address, telephone number etc.), we ask and specify what we need. Usually when customer takes the procedure to use our products and service on the web site, e-Parcel Corporation may ask personal information. e-Parcel Corporation needs personal information for user registration in use our products and service, providing our high-quality technical support and products upgrading and extending the functions for our products.Whenever e-Parcel Corporation or its partners asks a person to provide
e-Parcel Corporation with his/her personal information on the web site, we will make every effort to specify in advance the purpose for which the personal information will be used.

When a customer access the e-Parcel web site, in order to keep it up we may preserve IP address at least. However a customer dose not provides e-Parcel Corporation with personal information whereby the individual person can be identified as well as anonymity. In this case, e-Parcel Corporation uses the record for the purpose of improving the contents of web site and providing better quality service for our customers.
Management of Personal Information
As for the proper handling of personal information, e-Parcel Corporation executes privacy protection and safety under not only technical measure by encryption management of information but also managing measure by access restriction to the employees who need personal information in business use.

e-Parcel Corporation preserve personal information and any other all customers information strictly in our safe computers of the data center under strict security. The company restrict to specific person who can operate the data center and access to our computers. More over, our computers are protected by firewall and other security techniques in order to prevent the invasion of outsiders.
Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
Personal information that a customer provides with and communicates with e-Parcel Corporation will be shared among e-Parcel Corporation and its partners. However the purpose of use is restricted within the scope according to this privacy policy in writing

When e-Parcel Corporation make a contract providing our products and service with third parties, it is suppose to observe this privacy policy. In case of acquisition of information except personal information for purpose of marketing etc., e-Parcel Corporation may share it with its marketing partners.

e-Parcel Corporation and its partners may ask whether we send a notification or news for introducing e-Parcel products and update information etc. by e-mail etc, except when the person rejects these activities. Information that a customer provides e-Parcel Corporation with will be use for the purpose of assuring pleasant and a positive customer experience of e-Parcel products and service.

As for duty to disclosure or provision according to laws or ordinances, and appropriate for answer the request of personal information is disclosed, e-Parcel Corporation may disclose personal information to third parties without previous notice under one or more of the following conditions;

1. When a judicial or administrative organization has ordered the disclosure or
    provision of personal information according to laws or ordinances,
2. When it is necessary to protect and prevent the right of e-Parcel Corporation
    and its property, and the property right,
3. When e-Parcel Corporation deems it appropriate for the report of illegality to the
    administrative organization of justice,
4. When it is necessary for the urgent actions in order to protect safety of
    e-Parcel Corporation, e-Parcel customers, users accessing to the e-Parcel
    web site and public,

By any chance, the company will form a merger with any other company or a part of other company in the future, the company may share a part of or a all of personal information among the companies which form a merger in order to keep up providing the service for customers if it is necessary in according to the new structure after merger.
e-Parcel Corporation use Cookies on the Web site. Cookies are small data file to transmit to a customer's browser by the web server. It gives the effective operations of omitting to re-enter same customer information such as name etc. by preserving the customer information entered at once.

Although an almost browser is usually automatically configured to acquire Cookies, the person can reject or select use of Cookies by configuring the browser to reject or select the acquisition of Cookies. In this case, however, some restrictions may occur by which some functions cannot be used or some page on the web site cannot be display normally. In case of use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, Please refer to the following contents of Cookie on the each company's web site;

・Microsoft Internet Explorer - About Cookie
・Mozilla Firefox - About Cookie
Restriction of Age
The e-Parcel Web site targets 13 years old and more. e-Parcel Corporation dose not intend acquiring personal information of off the target age.
Revisions of Privacy Policy
The content of this web page will be occasionally revised in accordance with the any revisions in the online privacy policy of e-Parcel Corporation. Therefore the content and the usage of information acquired by online, and what selection is provided customers can be confirmed at any time on this web page. Customer's personal information will handle it according to the privacy policy in the point when the company acquires personal information, as long as the customers have not given their consent, even when any revision is occurred in the online privacy policy.
Compliance With Laws and Regulations
e-Parcel Corporation strictly observes all Japanese laws and internal regulations that are applicable related to personal information.

January, 2008

e-Parcel Corporation