How to start

e-Parcel start up procedure

1 Inquiry

Please contact to our sales agents if you have any inquiry or request about e-Parcel service. We will happy to help you about the general question for the products, the estimation request, inquiry for the use as needed.


2 Contract

After the formal application is received, we will send two copies of "Contract" by ordinary mail. Please fill in the form, seal it and return one copy to us (by ordinary mail).


3 User Registration

You are requested to applyt the "User Registration Sheet" (user information) at the time of contract. User registration will be completed within 5 operating days after the submission of your User Registration Sheet. If you wish to expedite your registration, please inform us.
When the user registration is completed, we will e-mail "Notice of User ID Registration" with the e-Parcel start-up procedure.
*We also have a web tool for system administrators with which user registration / deletion can be done at the customer side. For details, please contact us.


4 Downloading and Installation

You are requested to download and install e-Parcel client software from e-Parcel website.


5 Starting Operation

You can start using the e-Parcel service immediately after the installation.


Contact Us

Please feel free to contact our sales representatives at


The Contact Us form on this web site is also available.