September 12, 2016

About the problem and improvement version released
of e-Parcel client software

Dear Customers


We are greatly thank you for using our e-Parcel secure data delivery service.


Please be informed that the new version of e-Parcel client software have released for the following problem to improve in the software being provided. We highly recommend updating the software below to the latest version. We will appreciate for your great understanding and cooperation with us.


1. Target software version

 e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 7.0.7017

 e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0.4007

 e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.5.4507

* The problem may occur only using the above version.

2. Phenomenon occurring

When a file satisfies specific conditions, this downloading process may stop while extracting a file and then the later downloading process will be dysfunctional. Even though this phenomenon occurs only when a compressed file satisfies specific conditions, there is difficulty to estimate the problem occurring in a file in advance.

3. Software version improved

 e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 7.0.7018

 e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0.4008

 e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.5.4508

* Please update software to the improved version or later.

4. Updating Software

For our customers using the target software version, the following steps will briefly guide you in updating software on the current computer.

*The detailes in updating software are also found in the next site. Click here!

How to update software: (Recommended)

1. To download software in a computer, access the Software Download Site URL below.

 e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Download Site  Click here to download software

2. Click the [Download e-Parcel Software] button and then login on STEP 1 page.

3. Select e-Parcel client software on STEP 2 page.

4. Click the [Next] button and proceed to STEP 6 page.

* In case of updating the existing software on the current computer, you do NOT need to install your client digital certificate again. You have already installed it on Windows at the beginning of using the e-Parcel service.

5. On STEP 6 page, click the [download] button to save software on your computer.

6. On STEP 6 page, follow the [Instruction for installing e-Parcel Client Software] to begin software installation.

* In the beginning of installation, you may need to shutdown (exit) the existing e-Parcel client software.

 Products Manual CC7.0 or later For more details, please refer to the VCN-CommCenter 7.0/8.0 Users manual.

 Products Manual AX4.0 or later For more details, please refer to the VCN-AX 4.0/4.5 Quick Guide.

5. Workaround without updating software

However you may have some difficulty to update software immediately. To avoid this problem occurring, we show you workaround without updating software. Sender takes either one of the procedures below, eve though this problem occurs in recipient's software.

Workaround without updating software 1:

Sender must compress files to zip format in advance and then attach and send the compression data (.zip) on sender's software. It can avoid this problem occurring.

Workaround without updating software 2:

* If you are difficult to take Workaround 1, take this.

Although, this phenomenon occurs while only extracting a file (decompression) on recipient's software, to disable the file compression function on sender's software can avoid this problem occurring. To change the setting on the software, follow the procedure below.

* Note: When you update software later, please be sure to reset to the initial setting on the software to enable the file compression function.

[For VCN-CommCenter 7.0]

Access the VCN-CommCenter menu bar Tools > Option. Place a check in the box [Disable File Compression], click the [Save] button and then close the Option dialog. To restart the VCN-CommCenter, click menu bar File > Exit.

[For VCN-AX 4.0/4.5]

Access the VCN-AX Management Console menu Configuration > System Config. Choose [No] in the [Enable Compression] setting and then click the [Apply] button to take effect.

6. How to recover recipient's software while this problem occurring

For our customers using the target software version, when this problem occurs on recipient's software while extracting a file, recipient must take the following steps to recover recipient's software.

Inbox: Abort Receive of this item

On recipient's software, once the process of this item stop while extracting a file under the situation, the later downloading process will be dysfunctional. First, you must abort receive of this item.

[For VCN-CommCenter 7.0]

1. On VCN-CommCenter GUI, double-click this item on Inbox to open.

2. Click the "Abort Receive" button on the Parcel Detail dialog.

3. To exit (shutdown) the VCN-CommCenter 7.0, access the menu File > Exit on the VCN-CommCenter GUI.

* This exit (shutdown) process may not end normally. If occur, open Windows task manager and then quit a process (vcncc.exe), or restart your computer.

4. To launch the VCN-CommCenter 7.0, double-click the "e-Parcel 7.0" shortcut icon on the desktop.

[For VCN-AX 4.0/4.5]

1. On VCN-AX 4.0/4.5 Management Console, double-click this item on Inbox to open.

2. Click the "Abort Receive" button on the Inbox Item dialog.

3. Stop the service of VCN-AX 4.0/4.5.

* The service of VCN-AX 4.0/4.5 may not stop normally. If occur, restart your computer.

4. Start the service of VCN-AX 4.0/4.5.


Best regards,


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