April 1st, 2017

Dear customers of the e-Parcel client software

  About change of service menu
        when using "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser"

We are greatly thank you for using our e-Parcel secure data delivery service.

As we have mentioned before about change of service menu when using "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser (e-Parcel VCN-Web)" as web browser client, please be informed that it has been completed, and the following are the details.

Since April 1st, we are afraid that the send function by "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser (e-Parcel VCN-Web)" has been ended to provide for users of "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software".

On "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser", its operation in a web browser is just as easy as e-mailing a file. It is web browser-based client and therefore is not available to cover all technology that software client have produced the secure data delivery system at high quality and security level.

Thus, from the perspective of security enhancement, we decided to provide users of the following software client with the send function supported only by "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software".

We will continue to improve in the security and the quality of service being provided. Also, we will appreciate for your great understanding and cooperation with us.

* The details are described in the following text.

Date of change:  April 1st, 2017

Target Customers: Users of the e-Parcel client software below

  "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software" (supported by the new e-Parcel server)

     e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 7.0

     e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.5

     e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0

     e-Parcel VCN-AX 3.0

        or later version.

Point of change:

Due to end of the send function by the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser (e-Parcel VCN-Web)", the displayed menus have been changed to the following when accessing the service URL:

* To access the "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser", you must be required to install your client digital certificate on OS or web browser of a computer.

    [Previous: Web Browser menu] Create New / Inbox / Outbox / User Info


     [New: Web Browser menu] Inbox / Outbox / User Info

     * "Create New" menu has NOT been displayed on the Web Browser.

     * To view delivery histories and view/edit user info are available as usual.


* This change doesn't affect use of "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software". The send functions by software client are available as usual.

* For customers of "e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Web Browser (e-Parcel VCN-Web)", this change doesn't affect any service menu. The send function ("Create New" menu) by web browser client is available as usual.

Best regards,

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