Products Manual (e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0 or later)

Products supported by the new e-Parcel server The operating manuals of our products supported by the new e-Parcel server are provided for our customers. We place the manuals for e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0 or later as client software in this page.

*Available data communication with e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 7.0 or later, VCN-AX 3.0 or later and VCN-Web Enterprise.

*Attention: Unavailable data communication with e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 6.0.

Products of e-Parcel Enterprise


Manual for e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0 or later

e-Parcel VCN-AX

We provide the users manual (PDF) for e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Client [e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0 or later] which assist you with each operation of service.


e-Parcel VCN-AX 5.0 / 4.0 Quick Guide

For the beginning, this manual will briefly instruct you on usage of e-Parcel VCN-AX 5.0 / 4.0 about downloading and installing application, configuring conditions in order for HotFolder and Automation (send/receive automation) functions to work.

*Refer to "Quick Guide" for ver.4.5 & ver.4.0.4010 or lower e-Parcel_VCN-AX4.0_Quick_guide_EN Download (PDF)

*Refer to the "Delivery Status List of e-Parcel VCN-AX 4.0 or later" DeliveryStatusList_e-Parcel_VCN-AX4.0_4.5_EN Download (PDF)



Supplementary volumes

We provide some supplementary volumes produced (PDF) that include the option functions and the option services for our customers.


Separate volume: "ID Sharing" function Operation Guide

For the introduction to the new function "ID Sharing" which the e-Parcel VCN-AX 5.0 as a host can be interlocked with the e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 as clients, this Operation Guide will briefly instruct you on usage about installing and configuring applications in order for the "ID Sharing" function to work.



e-Parcel Customer Support

Scope of Support We offer the customer support services that respond to the technical inquiries, troubleshooting and all sorts of requests about e-Parcel service. Our support in English is available by E-mail.
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Please note that inquiries received after 17:00 JST will be responded on the next business day, even though we offer such customer support as 24 hours reception. Also please understand that our response may take a few more hours depending on the circumstances of other inquiries received. Thank you.
Contact Address To request the customer support services,
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