e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

Concept of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

 e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0 is designed to deliver large and confidential data easily, safely, and securely as the existing e-Parcel VCN CommCenter6.0. By just installing e-Parcel client software, the secure digital data delivery via the internet is made instantly possible.

e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0 is the standard client software for the e-Parcel Secure Data Delivery Service.

e-Parcel Secure Data Delivery Service can be used just as simple operation as e-mailing. You can send and receive large digital data easilyand at high security level.


What is e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0 ?

 e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0 is our new client software and is based on our company's design for the next generation data delivery engine, following the footsteps of VCN CommCenter6.0 by incorporating the intuitive aspects of e-mailing.

It works on Windows platform and is a Windows application program to send and receive messages, files and folders safely.

Large files can be sent and received safely and securely and is as e-mailing !!
Just like e-mails, the user selects the address from the address book, types in the subject title, message and after attaching the files or folders, clicks the send button. Unlike e-mails large and highly confidential data can be sent and received.

It incorporates the functions of e-Parcel VCN CommCenter 6.0. Refer to the following description.


Features of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

Use of SSL/TLS

By using SSL/TLS in the communication protocol between the client server, authentication, encryption and completeness is guaranteed! Data can also be sent and received using web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and others.

*Restriction of data delivery functions applies when using web browsers.

X.509 compliant electronic authentication at each end of the client server.

The client as well as the server can use X.509 compliant client electronic authentication! Authentication occurs on each end of the client server. (Encryption is set to default at AES 256 bit key) (Authentication)

End to End Data Encryption

In addition to the encryption of the client server, we provide End to End support of the encryption (Encryption is in AES 256 bit key) and utilize PKI (basic disclosure key) for the secret mutual key formula. As a result the sender and receiver can share the secret key for data encryption without the knowledge of a third party. (Encryption)

Development of Microblock Data stream

Implementing the new Microblock Data stream technology which tracks the data transmission between the server client by measuring its progress in blocks using markers and ensuring smooth delivery. This technology enables speed recovery of broken data under unstable network environments without affecting the data delivery performance.

Complete verification authorization End to End HMAC system

HMAC(keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication Code)uses key encoding of the data hash values to prevent their alteration. HMAC is a new authorization system which provides End to End verification and ensures authorized access using hash value identification in the server! (Integrity) (Audit)



Other functions of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

Capable of large data delivery by using streaming connection which does not accumulate data in the delivery channel.

Covers large data delivery in areas with unstable networks by using automatic restart intermittent delivery functions during blocked lines.

Equipped with data delivery cancel function.

Special use of GUI for clients enables easy operation, similar to e-mailing.

VCN-CommCenter 7.0 or later


Equipped with resend function.

Equipped with priority uploading and downloading functions.


System Requirements for e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

 To see the system requirements of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0, refer to the following page.

 System Requirements Refer to system requirements


Products Manual for e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

 To download the user manuals of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0, access the following page.

 Products Manual Download manual


Download Software of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

 To download e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0, access the following site and then click the "Download & Install Software" menu to login.

 e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Download Site Access e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Download Site


Updating Software of e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 8.0 / 7.0

For our customers using the target software, the following steps will briefly guide you in updating software on the current computer.

*Updating from e-Parcel VCN-CommCenter 7.0 to 8.0 is available.

*The detailes in updating software are also found in the next site. Click here!

How to update software:

1. To download software in a computer, access the Software Download Site URL below.

 e-Parcel Secure Enterprise - Software Download Site  Click here to download software

2. Click the [Download e-Parcel Software] button and then login on STEP 1 page.

3. Select e-Parcel client software on STEP 2 page.

4. Click the [Next] button and proceed to STEP 6 page.

* In case of updating the existing software on the current computer, you do NOT need to install your client digital certificate again. You have already installed it on Windows at the beginning of using the e-Parcel service.

5. On STEP 6 page, click the [download] button to save software on your computer.

6. On STEP 6 page, follow the [Instruction for installing e-Parcel Client Software] to begin software installation.

* In the beginning of installation, you may need to shutdown the existing e-Parcel client software. (On the menu of VCN-CommCenter GUI, File > Exit)

 Products Manual CC7.0 or later For more details, please refer to the VCN-CommCenter 7.0/8.0 Users manual.

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